What to Expect

Once you have hired Portland Stair Company to do your stairs this is what you can expect:

Portland Stair Company (this generally means Shane)  has done an initial consultation.  From this, we know what the project entails and we work out how best to go about it.  A proposal has been drawn up, along with a contract/bid which, when signed by you meant that we are in business!

First, be assured that we are just as concerned about your house and its furnishings as you are.

Next, we take great pains to ensure that the dust created by this project is minimized by setting up plastic walls and zipper doors to control the dust.  If your are getting a full staircase remodel this is a major project and there will be some dust involved.  We do our best to contain the dust.  We can also put into your estimate a final cleaning outsourced to a cleaning company upon completion of our project.

Then, we will arrange our work schedule to fit your needs as much as possible.

We will set up a shop in your garage or outside (whichever makes the most sense), and set to work on your stairs.

After the stair job is completed we will do a walk-through with you to ensure the job is to your liking and there is nothing left undone.

Portland Stair Company wants you to be satisfied with your stairs for the years to come, and it guarantees its work.  Let us know if your balusters loosen up, or your handrail needs tightening.

The staircase in your home is a major focal point, and Portland Stair Company understands the importance of the quality of workmanship it demands.