Who are the Stair Guys anyway?Shane Kenney "Stair Guy"

Hello!  I’m Shane Kenney, owner of the Portland Stair Company, and one of the Stair Guys.  I have been in business in Portland, Oregon since April 1991.

I have been working in the trades since 1976. I am originally from Boston (yes, that’s where I got my cool accent!) and have done a lot of restoration work on some really old homes, several going back to the early 1800s.  My experience and training lends itself well to the problems inherent in existing designs and being able to solve these while staying within the integrity of the design.

Portland Stair Company is one of the only companies specializing in stair systems. One day I realized that I was being asked to do more stair jobs than anything else and found that I loved the challenge of doing stair systems.  I decided to focus on stair systems and over the last ten years, Portland Stair Company has built well over 400 staircase systems for satisfied clients in the Portland Metro area.

Portland Stair Company will advise on an existing staircase and can do any stair job, large (full staircase) or small (hanging a wall rail).
I have a professional installation staff who are solution oriented, courteous and competent. We work quickly and efficiently, tidying up as we go.

Our main source of clients is word of mouth. Referrals come in from many different sources, and we are successfully plugging away on stair systems on a regular basis.

A constant stream of new clients depends upon each job being done well. Our clients are happy and often surprised at how beautiful their new staircase is. When we begin with a new client, we find that we frequently have a better idea of what we can do for them than they do themselves. This is due to our experience and our ability to envision what it is the client wants. We then work with the client on a budget and design concerns until the client is certain of what we will be doing for him.

I would love to take a look at your stairs and give you a consultation. I also would welcome a call, or an email where you can ask any question(s) you have about your stairs.

Shane Kenney

Portland Stair Company has been donating to the state government since April of 1991 and is licensed in the state of Oregon:

Construction Contractors Board
Lic # 73028


Gage Angstrom

Gage Angstrom

Gage Angstrom has been building stairs for Portland Stair Company for the better part 11 years. Trained by an east coast carpenter and a west coast stair guy he considers himself to be a perfect balance of quality and speed. Despite his young age he has already built and remodeled well over 1000 stair systems. As a true specialist, Gage is well equipped to deal with the many problems that are specific to stair building and remodeling. He prides himself on being able to think twenty steps ahead to find solutions for problems that most people wouldn’t catch until it’s too late.

“That’s the difference between a Stair Guy and a carpenter”.